“So you wish to help society reach its full potential? Then surely you must appreciate the value of order, unity, and dignity.”


You’ve made a wise choice in seeking out the Monocromia Guild. Monocromia is a refined militant guild that has focuses on the future and the well-being of the Game World. We are an army of noble warriors, different from other inferior guilds, and it is our obligation to punish the evil forces and bring peace to the world. The war between the Guilds, the Sects and the Factions has thrown the gaming community into disarray. Governments are corrupt from their core. It’s only natural that we seek to remove those broken facets of the system and replace them with a new order, unified and diligent in its desire to improve the lives of the people. Unlike the anarchistic Polycromia Guild, the Monocromia Guild focuses on strength in a shared vision of a better tomorrow. We maintain ourselves with a careful system of checks and balances to ensure we do not fall prey to the same corruption that plagued our predecessors. Those deluded people from the Polycromia Guild believe society can survive without structure and control, but they are lying to themselves. It is in our very nature to form bonds with one another and work together. You have heard the rallying call to action, so rise to that noble cause and fight with us! Together we can rid the world of its faults and usher in a new age of prosperity for all! Together we will live forever!



Our Backround Story